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Whether you’re kick-starting a new restaurant concept or bringing a neighborhood gem back to life, we’d love to help!

A Bit About What We Do...

Menu Development

As you know all restaurants begin with the same common ingredients: sugar, salt, spices, vegetables, protein, etc. We can show you how to turn these ingredients into your signature dishes.​

Recruiting, Training & Retention

​No matter how involved you are in your restaurant, building the right team makes all the difference. Developing a true culture, a competent training program, and a nurturing support system for every position is critical. Let us show you how.

Cost Analysis & Budgeting

Just because money is coming in the front door, it doesn’t mean you’re keeping any of it. We will show you where your cost opportunities are to help you to grow your business.

Operations & Organization Systems​

Cranking out 100 burgers during a supper rush requires a lot more than a killer recipe. You need a smooth, sustainable operating system. We will help you pinpoint solutions, work out the kinks, and provide insight for front and back of house processes.


​If you want to differentiate your restaurant from its competitors and attract customers you need a great story. Your website and social media are billboards to create a first impression and share that story. We can help you create the right impression.

A Bit of Our Big Damn History...

A Bit About This Big Damn Guy...

Dexter Dakota

​Dexter Dakota has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He has opened 19 restaurants of his own concept (and has only closed three). Over the last 15 years he has developed a diverse consulting business, working with dozens of small business owners as well as corporate teams.His skill-set encompasses all aspects of restaurants and his unique style focuses on helping you develop your restaurant vision.

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